If you’re a musician, dancer, performer or otherwise involved in the creative industries, your prime objective has to be making a big impression, and a seriously good one at that.
Here’s how...

Extraordinaire has built a heavyweight name for itself producing dynamic and visually rich video content for promotions, creative visual projects and installations, or straightforward recordings of shows or performances for YouTube or MySpace.

Generating exposure that works.

For the record, promotion via video doesn’t just have to be about the new single or stage performance itself. Behind the scenes footage can also be a great way to keep your fan base up-to-date with what you’re doing, and create a buzz about up and coming projects and gigs.

Whether it’s a simple one-camera recording or a multi-camera shoot for a major performance, we’ll handle every aspect of production from crewing to distribution and everything in between. Leaving you free to do what you do best.